Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Looking a lot like Christmas!

The snow is falling as I type this and it's definitely looking a lot like Christmas!  I figured it was time to update the blog since it has been forever since I did.  

Christmas has taken on a whole new meaning this year for sure.  I really could not care less about gifts for myself.  It's ALL about Jackson. I did restrain myself and haven't bought much for him, but it has been hard. There is so much cute stuff out there!  The presents are stuffed under the tree and the kitchen from Santa is all ready to go.  The stockings are hung and are awaiting Santa's arrival.  :-)

The only thing that I'm feeling sad about is not being with family.  I love where I live and wouldn't want to change it, but I so miss going to Uncle Billy's house for Christmas Eve.  The excitement from the kids, the yummy food, the laughs....oh, the laughs!  We always have SO MUCH FUN together.  Maybe it's the rum punch.  Either way, I definitely miss being with family and can't wait for the day when Chad actually gets off for Christmas so that we can recreate those memories with Jackson.  Though, it will be fun to start our own family traditions.

Speaking of new traditions, we've started a few with Jackson this year.  He got Christmas jammies on December 1st.  (Most people around here celebrate St. Nick's Day, but I have no clue what that is, so I just chose December 1st!)  He got pictures with Santa.  He got pictures with Emma, Lexi, and Santa.  We'll go to church with friends on Christmas Eve and have dinner afterwards.  All of those things are the beginnings of new traditions with our new family and I'm excited for them!

And, no post is a post without a picture!  Here's OUR santa baby!